Great Guide On How To Make The Most Out Of Your Iphone

TIP! To save battery power, decrease your iPhone’s brightness. To change brightness levels, simply go to iPhone settings.

Regardless of whether you own an iphone, you are probably aware of how much they can do and how easy it is to do things with it. If you have an Apple iphone, or are thinking about it, read the information here to find out what the phone can offer you. That way, you can decide whether to buy one, or figure out how best to use it.

TIP! You can use Siri to set reminders linked to locations. Instead of telling it to call work at a certain time, you can tell it to remind you to call when you arrive home.

If you want to browse the web with ease on the iphone, try a larger keyboard. You don’t need to buy one, though. Just tap Safari’s address bar while you hold your iphone sideways; you’ll instantly see a big difference! You’ll find that the bigger keyboard can make it easier to type faster using your iphone.

TIP! Are you sick of the constnt notifications you receive on your iPhone? Here is a tip on how to turn them off. Press the Settings button, then press the Notifications bar.

In order to save your iPhone’s battery, decrease its brightness. Go to the settings portion of your iphone to alter the illumination level. It will help extend the battery life for the days you need to have your iphone on for long hours.

Screen Protector

TIP! You can message faster using this tip. If you don’t like the dictionary’s suggestion for a word replacement, just tap the screen anyplace to get rid of it.

Buy yourself a screen protector. If you don’t apply a screen protector, your phone can suffer from scratches and nicks. A scratch can be caused by even the tiniest particle of dirt you may have on your finger. A screen protector is essential.

TIP! If you want to do everything that your iPhone can possibly do, you need to master its multimedia abilities. You can even download television shows, movies, or just about any other type of video, and then view it where ever you are, making your phone a great option for keeping you or your kids entertained.

The iphone has a nifty little feature where you can come up with your own shortcuts and dictionary. You will be able to use these shortcuts when using the dictation function of your iphone. In addition, you can add more phrases to make more shortcuts. The keyboard can also auto-correct your typing when you type various phrases and words.

TIP! Are you not so sure you want to send that iMessage after all? Has the notorious Auto Correct messed with you again? Shake your iPhone and you can quickly undo any damage. This automatically removes your most recent typing.

You have probably learned a few things about using your iphone from this article that you weren’t aware of. And you’re now in a much better position to decide if this is a good option for you.

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